Did President Trump get discharged?

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Americans! Trump set to be discharged soon.

According to Dr. Colney, President Trump could be out of the hospital as soon as Monday. The doctor confirmed that indeed President Trump’s condition was improving. Trump’s oxygen levels had dropped twice. The first time this occurred late Friday morning when it dropped below 94%. He was experiencing a high fever at the time and was placed under supplementary oxygen for close to 60 minutes.

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The second time president Trump’s oxygen dropped was on Saturday. “I’d have to check with the nursing staff. I don’t think if he did, it was very limited.” Dr. Sean Conley when asked whether Mr. Trump required any supplementary oxygen on Saturday.

According to the president’s medics, the American president has been treated using Dexamethasone, a drug that has been of vital help to the most affected Covid-19 patients.

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The president has been at Walter Reed since Friday, after testing positive to the virus. With just 30 days away from the election date, Mr. Trump’s ability to execute vital roles such as confirmation of a new Supreme Court. As of today, Sunday, October 4, 2020, the virus has claimed 209,000 lives in the United States of America.

Via his twitter account, @realDonaldTrump the president posted a video assuring Americans that he was feeling much better and wished he would recover soon and finalize his presidential campaigns. Earlier, the president canceled his trips to Wisconsin and Florida. Mr. Trump has two more campaigns to go with Joe Biden, who according to his campaign team tested negative for the virus.

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